GL-TURBO Starts EPC in WWTP - July 06, 2016

7/6/2016 - Chongqing - GL-TURBO forms strategic partnership with Rewin Yangtze River Investment Co. Ltd. to start EPC in WWTP worldwide.

GL-TURBO, today signed a strategic partnership agreement with Rewin Yangtze River Investment Co. Ltd. It marks the official establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership on the principle of equal-footed cooperation and mutual benefit. In the following three years, Rewin will become the exclusive partner with GL-TURBO as its provider of finance leasing and commercial factoring services.

Rewin Yangtze River Investment Co. Ltd. is a financial service company registered and approved with China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce, established with seed funding from Chongqing Industry Investment Fund. Rewin is the only financial service company in the Chongqing Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port Area (CCFTA) that holds licenses to provide both finance leasing and commercial factoring services. Committed to the vision to "consolidate industry resources and promote corporate development", Rewin has been providing integrated financial services in both Chinese and foreign currency for non-financial enterprises as well as financial institutions.

GL-TURBO is founded by seasoned professionals in the U.S. compressor/blower industry. GL-TURBO designs and manufactures high-efficiency centrifugal blowers specifically for the sewage aeration application. The R&D principals are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the former Northern Research & Engineering Corporation (NREC). GL-TURBO offers energy-efficient, high-quality, and technologically advanced products globally. Our company has been committed to wastewater treatment and worldwide environmental impact.

"We are very proud to work with Rewin - sustainable growth of GL-TURBO in both U.S. and Chinese blower markets requires flexible and integrated finance solutions in the long term." GL-TURBO's CEO James H. Jin stressed, "We decided to form this partnership so that we are able to provide a onestop-shop offering that matches advanced technology with appropriate financing packages. Many of our end-users are asking for affordable technology investments, and we as the manufacturer have found a trusted and expert partner to finance sales. We believe this is also a strategic and important step for both GL-TURBO and Rewin's global market expansion."

We look forward to creating greater commercial and social values through this exciting partnership in the foreseeable future!

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