Control Systems - Motor Starters & Drives

Your ONE SOURCE SOLUTION for added energy efficiency

GL-TURBO offers pre-engineered motor starters and drives to include with your blower system. These systems are plug compatible with our local control panels.

Our ONE SOURCE SOLUTION can bring added energy efficiency by matching the motor starter or drive to the exact needs of the motor and blower control system. The input/output will communicate to our local control system seamlessly and be pre-programmed and tested prior to shipment. No surprises on start up as GL-TURBO takes complete responsibility.

By offering the motor and the drive together the warranty will automatically be extended to 5 years for both products./p>

Let us design to your specification or save time and money by selecting from our standard packages that include the blower control and starter all in one cabinet, pre-wired and ready for operation.

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Control Systems -  Motor Starters & Drives