Control Systems - Process & Sequencing Control

Total Process Control

GL-TURBO offers a complete solution by providing a pre-engineered and automated process. This solution goes well beyond traditional local blower control.

Total System Responsibility means that we will provide a master control panel, blowers, local control panels, motor starters (or inverters), control valves, flow meters, and instrumentation (such as dissolved oxygen or ammonia sensors), all integrated into a turn-key solution. This Total System Responsibility solution offers substantial savings in both capital cost and energy usage. The following are the various functions that a master control panel can perform for you.

Sequencing: Operate multiple blowers more efficiently with a sequencing panel to always run blowers at optimal power.

Process Control: Operate multiple points of use with flow control valves and flow meters to self-regulate to any variable input such as pressure, dissolved oxygen, or flow. The panel will automatically regulate the flow range of the blowers and control valves at each point of use to meet any set point.

Hybrid Systems: Integrate 2 blower technologies on the same common header to increase efficiency and lower capital costs.

Example of a 3-basin standard aeration application monitoring dissolved oxygen. GL-TURBO can provide a turn-key solution and provide all equipment shown. (See illustration below)

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Control Systems - Process & Sequencing Control