GL-TURBO Expands - November 28, 2018

Since GL-TURBO founded GL-TURBO International ApS (GLTI) in Denmark back in October 2015 we have worked hard on the promotion and sale of GL-TURBO products on the markets outside China and Americas and now as we see fruits of our hard work with a strong increasing order intake, we have decided to expand our European organization and capabilities by setting up a larger organization named GL-TURBO Europe GmbH (GLTE) with assembly and test facilities in Leipzig, Germany by 1st December. This also means that ordered blower equipment can be assembled and tested in Germany and hereby have European Certificate of Origin.

The new company will be managed by Mr. Ralf Stephani, who runs the German Pneumatic Engineering GmbH (GPE Turbo) company in Leipzig, a company specialized in the design and production of new sophisticated geared centrifugal compressors and refurbishment of existing compressors within the process industry and with focus on compressing complicated gases up to high pressure levels.


GLTE will share offices with GPE Turbo at Hans-Weigel Strasse 10B, Building 26, 04319 Leipzig, Germany. At the same time, we are pleased to announce that we have hired Mr. Thomas Bethe as new sales director starting the 3rd December where he will take over the sales responsibility from Mr. Martin Carlsen, who after a transition period will manage the development of GL-TURBO’s new product lines to be launched in 2019/2020.

From 1st December the GLTE staff we count the following:

• General manager Mr. Ralf Stephani, is 57 years old and has an engineering education, manager of GPE Turbo, former procurator of HV-Turbo Germany, Sales Director at PGW (now belonging to Siemens).

• Sales Director Thomas Bethe is 51 years old and coming from FIMA a company selling process compressors for the process industry, sales manager at Crane Mechanical Seals and After Sales Service Manager at PGW in Leipzig.

• Regional Sales Manager Mr. Peter Stephani is 31 years old, has an engineering degree and has worked at GPE Turbo since he graduated.

• Mr. Søren Gregersen, our inhouse sales supporter will continue as sales support, supporting GLTE from the office in Denmark.

Further to these new staff members we can use engineering and service/after sales resources from GPE Turbo.

Existing signed agents will be offered to represent GLTE on the same conditions. Existing signed orders will continue as GLTI orders.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are with this new set-up. Detailed contact data for the new staff to be announced soon.

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