GL-TURBO Steps Forward in Europe - December 01, 2017

Copenhagen – GL-TURBO International and HOFOR have signed a contract regarding delivery of a GL5 Single Stage Centrifugal Turbo Blower to HOFOR’s Amagerværket Power Station. The GL5 blower will serve as an FGD (flue-gas desulfurization) oxidation blower. It will replace the existing but outdated blower at the power plant, which HOFOR has been longing to upgrade to improve efficiency and reliability. This order represents a significant step forward by GL-TURBO in Europe and an important reference within power-station related FGD blower applications.

HOFOR is Denmark’s largest utility company. The company serves more than one million inhabitants in the Greater Copenhagen area, providing them with district heating, district cooling, town gas, water supply and wastewater services. The Amagerværket Power Station, with total capacity of 300 MW electricity and 580 MW heating, supplies approximately 12 percent of electricity consumption in Denmark and fulfills 30 percent of the heating demand in the Greater Copenhagen’s district heating system. The Amagerværket plant is located to the east of Copenhagen.



GL-TURBO designs and manufactures high-efficiency centrifugal compressors/blowers. Founded in Boston by seasoned professionals in the U.S. compressor/blower industry, our principals come from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the former Northern Research & Engineering Corporation (NREC). Expanding quickly, GL-TURBO now has manufacturing plants in the United States, China, and Denmark. Our sales and service representatives are located in over 60 countries worldwide.

GL-TURBO's signature GL Series Integrally Geared Single Stage Turbo Blower is equipped with dual vane system (inlet guide vane and variable vane diffuser). It has many advantages, including but not limited to, wide flow range (40%-105%), high efficiency through entire range, minimum maintenance over at least a 20-year lifetime, and highest efficiency/cost ratio, etc. In addition to GL Single Stage Turbo Blowers, GL-TURBO offers LS Series Multistage Turbo Blower product line with most advanced design available with greater pressure range and efficiency, and standard or customized blower packages that include structural skids, motors, valves, filters, silencers, instrumentation, control systems, etc.

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