From biogas applications in a landfill to siloxane removal systems, environmental-type applications have demanding requirements

Gases contain VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds and protection and durability of the blower system is required. Carbon dioxide, methane, natural gas, sulfur dioxide ( H2S ) and water vapor are some of the gases that have to be considered in the blower design.

Experience matters and GL-TURBO can work to design a robust system with the right blower technology by engineering different materials, coatings, seals and controls to ensure a successful project.

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Environmental Application:

  • Bio-Gas Blower
  • Landfill Gas Recovery Blower
  • Flare System Blower
  • Soil Vapor Extraction Blower
  • Methane Disposal Blower
  • Combustion Air Blower
  • Remediation Exhauster Blower
  • Digester Gas Extraction
  • Coal Mine Venting